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Statistics on the Chinese Community of the UK

There are Chinese communities in all British towns, and in many villages. They make a huge contribution to the country with an ethic of hard work and self-reliance. In some areas there are community organisations dedicated to supporting those communities. Here we list contact details where they are known.

IMPORTANT NOTE. The inclusion of links here does not mean that they are safe, and we do not have the resources to evaluate either the websites or the organisations behind them. Please do your own research and be careful.
Information sources:
1. Runnymedetrust 2015 article
"Chinese migrants are growing in numerical and financial significance and they are no longer predominantly from Hong Kong"
2. Office for National Statistics
"The most common nationality entering the UK (excluding British) was Indian with 46,000 people immigrating in 2014. China was second in the list with 39,000 people."
Note. The ONS site has a spreadsheet from the 2011 Census giving the Chinese population by Local Authority area. E.g. Bristol 3,886 people.
3. Centre for Policy on Aging (pdf)
"England and Wales,2016, Ethnicity 2016. Population 598,134"
4. British Chinese Project
"The British Chinese Project aims to empower the UK Chinese community, making them aware of their democratic rights and responsibilities, whilst ensuring the needs and interests of the community are heard at a political level."
5. Bristol Chinese population profile (pdf)
"Equalities Profile for Chinese living in Bristol"


Birmingham Chinatown
"A wander around Birmingham’s Chinatown takes in a myriad of restaurants and cafés offering authentic menus"
Liverpool Chinatown
"The city has many reputable Chinese restaurants, Chinese takeaways, a huge selection of Chinese groceries from many Chinese supermarkets. Today, there are around 10,000 Chinese residents living in Liverpool and its surrounding areas."
London Chinatown
"London’s original Chinatown was in the East End where Chinese employees first rocked up in the 18th century, settling in Limehouse. By 1914 a Chinese community was burgeoning ..."
Manchester Chinatown
"It wasn't until the 1940s that the Chinese started to arrive in Manchester, with the first Chinese resturant being the Ping Hong in Mosley Street, opening in 1948 ..."
Newcastle Chinatown
"The first Chinese restaurant in Newcastle, the Marlborough Café, opened on Scotswood Road in 1949 ..."
Sheffield Chinatown
"new £65 million Chinatown that will include around 700 student apartments and aims to draw Chinese business to Sheffield ..."

Chinese Community Organisations

Chinese Festival Committee Birmingham
"伯明翰华人佳节筹委会" (Birmingham Chinese People Festival Organising Committee)
"...a voluntary, non-profit making organisation dedicated to the organisation of Chinese Festivities in Birmingham."
Bristol and Avon Chinese Women's Group
"布里斯托及爱文华人妇女会" (Bristol and Avon Chinese Woman's Association)
" the health and social care needs of Chinese women and their families in Bristol and the surrounding area."
Devon and Cornwall Chinese Association
"英国西南部华人协会" (UK South West Area Chinese People Society)
"...represent the interests of those members of the Chinese community who recognise a common set of needs..."
London Community Centre
"The London CCC was founded in 1980 and was the first Chinese Community Centre in the United Kingdom."
South Gloucestershire Chinese Association
"南格郡华协" (South Gloucestershire County Chinese Association)
"We aim to serve the local Chinese community and raise cultural awareness ..."
Overseas Chinese Association (South West Region)
"英国西南区华人联谊会" (UK South West Region Chinese People Association)
"Activities include a community centre for the local Chinese community, a Chinese language school, an elderly people’s club ..."
Chinese Student Scholars Association
Seems to be based on individual Universities, above website is for CSSA at the London School of Economics.

Business Links

West of England China Bureau
"The West of England China Bureau (WoECB) works unstintingly to connect the people of Bristol and the South West of England with the people of China and in particular Bristol’s Sister City Guangzhou"
NeeHao magazine
"British Chinese and East Asian Culture"


City of Bristol Chinese Community on Facebook
Facebook public group
Bristol Chinese Christian Church
Services at Tyndale Baptist Church
Bristol Chinese Baptist Church 布里斯托华人浸信会
A Chinese Christian Church with Mandarin as the main language.
Avon Chinese School
community group teaching Chinese language to Bristol children.
The Bristol Chinese Service
similar to Stirling Chinese website below
Plymouth Chinese
similar to Stirling Chinese website below
Stirling Chinese
website with focus on students and student applications